Bucket List

I had a Bucket List previously on another social media, and I thought it might be fun to move it here. (I got the idea to put it on my blog from looking at another friend’s blog.)
I will update with things I have done, and possibly add more as I go.

  1. Travel to Europe.  
  2. Hike all three peaks of the Stawamus Chief. 
  3. Write a good story.
  4. Sing in front of people.
  5. Complete a climb on a mountain.
  6. Own an apartment/house.
  7. See the 7 Wonders of the World. 
  8. Get an education to be a teacher.
  9. Learn a song on the guitar.
  10. Get a perfect score on a big test.
  11. Go on a walk and take pictures all day.
  12. Give a large sum of money to a charity.
  13. Help at a Soup Kitchen/ Children’s Hospital/ Charity Event.
  14. Watch a sunrise and sunset in one day.
  15. Learn to cook
  16. Learn to sew buttons back onto a shirt.
  17. Rescue an animal.
  18. Read a large book in one week.
  19. Go horse-back riding on a beach.
  20. Do something I’m not supposed to. 
  21. Travel to every continent.
  22. Streak or dye my hair an interesting colour.
  23. Meet a celebrity.
  24. Help someone in need.
  25. Learn to surf.
  26. Donate blood.
  27. Learn to drive a manual transmission car.
  28. Learn to drive an ATV.
  29. Try archery again.
  30. Learn to make a cake/pie.
  31. Travel to the Maritimes of Canada.
  32. See Alaska.
  33. Learn more about football.
  34. Fully train a dog, so it is obedient.
  35. Live in a different city.
  36. Paint a canvas.
  37. Paint a room.
  38. Visit my cousin’s grave.
  39. Go ziplining. 
  40. Go rappelling.
  41. Climb a part of the Chief. 
  42. Try Shawarma. (Have you seen Avengers?)
  43. Go sailing. 
  44. Go to ancient ruins.
  45. Go on a hot air balloon.
  46. Zipline in the Swiss Alps
  47. Go to these museums: Imperial War Museums (England), Anne Frank’s House (Amsterdam), and the Museum of Natural History (New York).
  48. Have something published.Eiffel Love
  49. Photobomb a group picture.
  50. Be happy.

“People often forget that it is your own choice how you want to spend the rest of your life.” – Unknown

“Don’t wait. Life goes faster than you think.” – Unknown

“If I were really really ridiculously wealthy, I wouldn’t buy a mansion, just tiny apartments in every city I love.” – (Pinterest)

“‘But people are oceans,’ she shrugged. ‘You cannot know them by their surface.'” – Beau Taplin

“Never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.” – Katharine Hepburn